I’m Hilary… mom of 2, holistic women’s health coach and pelvic floor therapist, occupational therapist, and doula. I grew up in an idyllically preppy suburb of Boston but have spent the last 17 years in laid back Hawaii, where I have learned to surf, found immense joy in walking barefoot all year long, fell in love and birthed my 2 amazing daughters! 

Professionally, I was a trailblazing, highly focused occupational therapist with my sights set high for what I would achieve in my career… then I became a mom and all of that simply didn’t mean as much anymore. It all started with the perfect storm of struggling to “keep it all afloat” as a mom and professional, feeling undervalued and greatly constrained by the systems of our healthcare system in my practice of occupational therapy and the onset of the global pandemic that forever changed the perspectives and priorities I held for my life. I have gone from navigating the challenges of being a high achieving professional and mother of 2, to throwing in the towel and purposefully breaking away from the systems I had previously fought so hard to change. 

Now over 4 years into this wild journey, I can’t imagine showing up to a clinic day in and day out to serve patients under the constraints of our medical system. Instead I have created a business where I am able to serve my clients to the fullest extent of my license and then go even further as I support women as their coach. This journey into entrepreneurship hasn’t been easy but I wouldn’t trade it for the world! 

Welcome to my little corner of the world! Mama Wellness Weekly and HV – Holistic Health is all about women showing up as they are while being supported, guided and empowered to become the most soul-aligned version of themselves. Here I offer you the best of my professional knowledge as an occupational therapy, coach and doula combined with my wisdom gained through my experience as a mom! Whether you’re here to read my blog, grab a freebie, take a course or work with me privately…

Thank you for being here, I hope you stay awhile! 

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HV-Holistic Health was started by Hilary Valentine, OTR/L mere weeks before the global pandemic in February 2020. It all began with a vision Hilary had to provide services to pregnant and postpartum women who were being undersupported by the current systems and societal norms. Through the early part of the pandemic Hilary supported families as a birth and postpartum doula while training to become a pelvic floor therapist. Overtime, Hilary shifted her focus to pelvic floor therapy with an emphasis on pregnancy and early postpartum. Her style of pelvic floor therapy is low tech with a focus on holistic pelvic health, which involves looking well beyond the physical symptoms and addressing all aspects of pelvic health- physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic, social and environmental.

Today, Hilary continues to provide holistic pelvic floor therapy, but has expanded her offerings into women’s health coaching. Hilary has been a certified health coach since 2013, integrating her coaching skills into her work as a therapist. Today, she serves clients as both a coach and therapist through her Soul-Aligned Motherhood Coaching program. 

The vision for HV-Holistic Health remains the same today as it was in 2020, to provide holistic health and wellness services to women at all stages of motherhood so they can show up as the most soul-aligned version of themselves and receive the gifts of being more joyful, peaceful, present, and confident. 

Mama Wellness Weekly started as the Mama Wellness Wednesday newsletter that Hilary has personally written and curated weekly since November of 2022. In May of 2024, Mama Wellness Wednesdays was converted to the Mama Wellness Weekly blog and continues to cover a wide range of topics related to holistic health and wellbeing in motherhood. 


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