RISE into the Motherhood of Your Dreams

Experience a transformative 12-week coaching journey tailored for mothers ready to prioritize their well-being. Reconnect with your body on a profound level, reignite your passions, and cultivate solid habits and rituals to propel you towards your goals and dreams. This program empowers you to not only enhance your personal vitality but also to expand and share your gifts with your family, community, and beyond.

Does this sound like you?

 ✔  You have struggled to find your groove in motherhood

 ✔  You feel disconnected from yourself and are often operating in survival mode

 ✔  You find yourself ignoring or putting off taking care of yourself to the point that you just deal with less than desirable symptoms on a regular basis

 ✔  You love being a mother yet find yourself resentful of those around and frustrated with your current situation

 ✔  You feel like time is no longer your own, but rather your childs

 ✔  You feel like you have “retired” from the activities that lit you up before kids

The RISE Method

Reconnecting to your body and feeling good in your skin. Hilary will support you in unravelling the mystery behind undesirable physical symptoms and help you find a path forward


You are more than a mother, you are a loving, compassionate, creative, resourceful soul! Let’s ignite the passions that lie beyond motherhood!


Habits are the foundation of health. From basic habit formation to cycle syncing and moving beyond feeling trapped in undesirable cycles. You will discover consistency in your routines to support your greater life goals!


You have so much to offer the world! Explore your path for opening up to the opportunities that lie beyond your role as a mom.

 ✔  12-weeks of weekly one hour 1:1 holistic women’s health coaching with Hilary

 ✔  Personalized session follow up Hilary@HV-HolisticHealth.com with resources to support progress

 ✔  Support via WhatsApp M-F 8am-4pm HST

 ✔  Library of meditations and exercise video

 ✔  Pelvic floor therapy virtual support integrated into your sessions for maximized progress toward goals

 ✔  30-min 1:1 breathwork session with Sage King, certified breathwork practitioner

 ✔  Discounted access to Restore Your Core- A 12-week online program to help you feel confident in your body again

What's Inside

HV-Holistic Health Course Library

Instant Access

Elevated Motherhood ~ A workbook for crafting your tailored self-care practice to nurture your body, mind & soul.

Self-Paced Courses

Aligned with Birth ~ A self-paced course for pregnant women who want to stack the cards in their favor for a positive birth experience through the use of simple body balancing strategies and movements.

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Elevated Motherhood

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