3 Reasons to Why Every Pregnant Woman should see a Pelvic Floor Therapist

I had my first pelvic floor therapy client over 3 years ago. Every one of my clients has been a mom and almost all of them have been postpartum up until 14 months ago when I made the shift to work more with pregnant moms. This shift stemmed from what I was seeing my postpartum clients go through and how I knew if they had seen me before birth their journey would be so much different and potentially way easier!


The overarching theme around my recommendation to see a pelvic floor therapist in pregnancy is 2 fold… 

We all know prevention is the best medicine


The pelvic floor is central to birth… 

your baby literally passes through it!

So here are my top 3 reasons to work with a pelvic floor therapist, like myself, during pregnancy… even if you don’t have symptoms that may otherwise lead you to pelvic floor therapy…

  1. Chances are your pelvic floor is tight or has more tension than you think. Yet, a  pelvic floor with good mobility and ability to relax has a huge impact on birth progression. In other words, learning to relax your pelvic floor effectively in pregnancy can prepare you for an easier birth. 
  1. When the pushing phase of labor isn’t too quick or prolonged it typically results in less damage and trauma to the pelvic floor muscles and structures. Very prolonged or very short labors tend to wreak more havoc on the pelvic floor. Duration of labor is not impacted by pelvic floor therapy, what is impacted is your ability to provide your baby an easier passage through the birth canal by improving the mobility of your pelvic floor. 
  1. Women who have received prenatal pelvic floor therapy show improved ease of recovery in postpartum. There are many factors at play here including improved awareness of the pelvic system and increased likelihood of an easier labor, among others. 


I have designed my pelvic floor therapy practice to serve women in the perinatal stages of life. This means pregnancy through postpartum. Over the last 2 years, I have seen the best pelvic floor outcomes arise when women seek out pelvic floor therapy proactively in pregnancy instead of waiting for problems to arise. 

Unfortunately, pelvic floor therapy focused on the pregnancy is not always realistic for pregnant women- there can be access, time and financial constraints pushing this essential care to the back burner. 

That is exactly why I have taken the best of what I teach nearly ALL of my private clients and turned it into “Aligned with Birth”. An easy to follow 90-min mini course with tons of exercises and bonuses at a budget friendly price point! To learn more and enroll CLICK HERE!

If you are interested in working with me privately, let’s connect on a short consultation call. Book Here! 


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