3 Uncommon Tips to Heal Your Core Postpartum


Before I dive into the tips here is some background information…

-Diastasis Recti, otherwise known as abdominal separation, is a natural part of a pregnancy carried to term

-Over 60% of women will have natural healing of their diastasis within 6-months of delivery

-The remaining ~40% of women benefit from rehabilitation to completely heal their core

-A diastasis that goes untreated and is not healed can impact your performance in sports and exercise, impact your pelvic floor system, impair your breathing, and cause unpleasant symptoms with exertion such as nausea

These 3 tips are meant to help you begin your recovery and guide you toward the best course for recovery based on your symptoms…

  1. Unlock your diaphragm

During pregnancy your diaphragm gets jammed up under your ribs. For many women it immediately settles right back down to its previous location but for others it stays tight, stiff and lifted. This doesn’t affect your ability to breathe but it does impact your core integrity and healing. Your diaphragm might be locked up if, you touch up and under your ribs right by your stomach and it feels sore and/or tight. WATCH HERE.

       2. Start with your breath

When we breathe deeply our core muscles engage. Beginning with taking long exhales while gently drawing your core in and together is a wonderful daily exercise from day 1 postpartum. WATCH HERE.

      3. Core exercises alone will not heal your diastasis. A proper core pressure system with responsive engagement will heal your diastasis. What does that mean? If you feel like it’s hard to engage your core, feels different than before pregnancy or simply looks weird… you probably have something going on in your core system that will inhibit your core recovery. Seek out a pelvic floor therapist like myself! I offer in-person and virtual sessions- CLICK HERE to book your free consultation

Want more?? 

Go deeper into postpartum recovery with my workshop “From Kegels to 3D Pelvic Health”. In this workshop I will walk you through

  • The kegel controversy
  • The most common but not normal pelvic floor symptoms in postpartum
  • 2 practices that will better connect you with your pelvic floor
  • A path for achieving good pelvic floor health in postpartum

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