Baby Wearing Don’ts

I highly recommend baby wearing!! It is a beautiful way to bond with your baby, help her stay regulated, and allows you 2 hands to still feel like a semi-productive human. No wonder women have been wearing their babies since the dawn of time… it is truly the best option for a woman who simply can’t be laying down! 

Unfortunately, there are some things to consider as you put on your baby carrier…

Don’t #1- don’t wear your baby TOO early! Newborn infants are often too small to be worn. Generally, they need to be at least 7 lbs and this is for specifically designed newborn carriers only.

Yes, it is super convenient to wear your baby so you can get some things done, but I recommend not wearing the baby, yourself, as the mom, until 2-3 weeks postpartum. 

Side note… you shouldn’t be doing anything too active until at least 4-6 weeks postpartum and baby wearing for more than 10-15 minutes, is definitely activity that can tip the scale in the wrong direction for your recovery. 

This leads to don’t #2…don’t wear your baby until you have reconnected to your core and can make tension in your lower abdomen (I’m not talking about flexing, but simply recruiting muscle tension). All postpartum women should be taking a minimum of 10-14 days bed rest. During this period you should begin deep breathing exercises to connect to your core. Once you have connected to your core and can recruit stability in your core during movement, it is now safe for you to begin baby wearing. So leave the baby wearing to dad until about week 2, 3 or even better 4! Use this time to snuggle in bed with your baby and reconnect to your body so you don’t reverse your recovery when you begin baby wearing!

Personal note… I exacerbated my abdominal separation drastically by baby wearing too soon and too much with my 2nd! 

#3… if you choose to face your baby out, make this position time limited and never allow your baby to fall asleep facing outward. 15-30 min is usually the most a baby can handle before becoming overstimulated in this position. Overstimulation most frequently looks like a fussy baby or a sleepy baby. This is your sign to turn him inward to rest! 

And with that… happy baby wearing!! 


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