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Pregnancy pulls us forward posturally… this leads to all sorts of common compensations that result in a cascade of events that can lead to more discomfort during pregnancy and less than optimal positioning of the baby. 

But here is a super simple posture correction you need to try today… or tell your pregnant friend about 😉

  1. Stand with feet flat on the floor in your natural stance
  2. Observe where the weight is on your feet- is it more in the toes or heels?
  3. Next hold a belt at your side hip joint and let it fall toward the floor like a plumb line. Does it hit the outside of your ankle?
  4. If you observed more weight in the front of your foot and/or the plumb line did not line up perfectly with your ankle do this:

Shift your weight forward or backward until the plumb line lands directly at your outside ankle bone.

 Once you get the line plumb, close your eyes and feel in your body the difference  between before and after.

Return to this posture as often as you can. By doing this you will keep your glutes turned on, helping your core stay turned on- both of these things are a win-win in pregnancy and postpartum! 

CLICK HERE for a video demonstration to gain a better understanding of this technique. 

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