Elevating Your Self-Care through Facing Fear! 


This weekend my self-care needs and the activities I chose to do, fell into perfect alignment… Here’s what happened…

It’s been a year since…

I took a weekend getaway

I took a prolonged pause

I sat and was “unproductive”

I truly unplugged

And here is what I noticed…

It’s freaking hard! 

It requires intentionality

It doesn’t just happen

It feels weird

My ego was not a fan


My body rhythms were more clear

Laughter flowed more easily

My playful spirit emerged more boldly

My mind slowed down

I felt like me… doing what I love… with the most important people in my life! 

This was indulgent self-care and for me it’s always the type of self-care I shy away from the most. I’m always telling myself “it’s too expensive”, “It won’t be worth it”, “I don’t have time”, “I could just do xyz instead”. 

And now, after a weekend of indulgent self-care, I am reminded of the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote 

 “Always do what you are afraid to do”

Why? Because it is on the other side of fear that the greatest joys in life live! 

Getting comfortable is never a good thing and instead welcoming change with an open heart allows unending growth and potential to be present in your daily life. 

When we take time to slow down, it’s not a waste of time but rather a time for soaking in all that is happening yet we barely notice. It’s time for our nervous system to reset and recharge. It’s time for getting to know yourself on a deeper level. It’s a time to be present and feel the joy that is life itself. 

So this is my invitation, mama, to go do that thing that gives you tingles in your belly, feels scary and unknown or feels too deeply extravagant to consider. 

You deserve it. 

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