How About a Movement Snack?


A movement snack is a concept I first heard from Lauren Ohayon, the founder of Restore Your Core. Surprise, surprise… It has nothing to do with eating but rather moving. 

 Many moms find it challenging to find time for exercise. That is why I always offer suggestions on where movements can be sprinkled into my client’s usual daily activities. So rather than gorging on movement with a 30-60 minute workout, how about snacking on movement throughout your day? Six 5-10 minute movement snacks are exactly the same thing and there’s a bonus! By tuning into your body throughout the day, you stay more connected to your physical being resulting in improved body awareness. When we are more aware of our physical body we have taken a huge step forward in our overall health! 


Here are some examples of movement snacks I often give clients…

-Place a yoga brick by your sink and do a calf stretch while you brush your teeth

-Going up the stairs, how about focusing on pushing more from your heel to activate your glutes? 

-Getting dressed and checking the mirror? How about a 60-sec pause to find your active mountain posture? 

-Need to pick up toys off the floor? How about doing mindful squats to pick up each toy? 

-Toddler having a meltdown? How about laying down next to them and doing some calming 360/Rib breaths?

What movement will you snack on today? 

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PS- Movement snacking is also a version of self-care… and I have the perfect guide for upgrading your self-care routine called “Elevated Motherhood”. Download now for free HERE!


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