Let Your Heart Be Your Ultimate Guide


My work with pregnant women often leads to conversations around making layered and complex decisions. My clients often turn to me as a guide when one of the decisions is weighing heavy on their mind. When I receive these questions and hear the stories surrounding the question, my first response always falls along the same lines… 

How do you feel about this?


What do you think, in your heart, is the right choice?


Have you felt a nudge from within in a certain direction? 

What I am getting at with my response is to encourage that mom to listen to her heart, gut, intuition… whatever you want to call it or wherever the nudge arises from. 

 In March 2023, I held a prenatal wellness retreat called Becoming. The theme of this weekend retreat was getting to know, trust and listen to your maternal intuition as your ultimate guide. This message is one that is glanced over during pregnancy, yet can be the single most valuable tool as a woman becomes a mother.  

Your intuition and heart or gut led nudges from within are your best guide. There is unending information available to us these days, so much so that it is very easy to slip into overwhelm and then inaction, over action or misaligned action, especially when we don’t re-check in with ourselves. When women stay aligned and attuned to their inner nudges, they have more peace, comfort, and confidence as they navigate the unending decisions and challenges of motherhood. 

How connected do you feel to your maternal intuition? 

If you don’t feel very aligned or are wondering what that even feels or looks like, here is what I would suggest… 

Begin by warming up your ability to hear your inner voice through this simple exercise.

Next time you are faced with a decision, take a pause before moving forward with what you believe to be your decision and ask yourself these 2 questions…

Does this decision make me feel more peaceful, joyful or comforted? 

 Does this decision feel in alignment with my values? 

(values are another whole conversation) 


Take a deep breath, placing your hand on your heart or tummy… focus on that space, observe how it feels. Allow whatever comes up for you to be the truth or at least another clue as to what to do next…

 Did you get a nudge? 

If so, proceed in that direction.

If nothing arises, that is ok. Proceed in the direction that brings you the most peace, comfort and/or joy. 


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