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You find out you are pregnant and some time later the thought comes to mind… “how the heck am I supposed to prepare for birth?”… right? 

So you ask Google and your doctor…and rapidly achieve overwhelm with the vast quantity of information you are bombarded with that includes varying advice with unending options! What’s a girl to do?!!

Well I’m not here to tell you what to do, because there is no right or wrong way to prepare for birth. In fact, birthing is one of the most natural things you will ever do, so why would you need to prepare for something that you were designed to do? 


Modern life has pulled us far from our ancestral roots, wisdom and even physical bodies…We are in a time of information overload that pulls us further away from our intuition and trust in our body’s capacity to birth. Modern life also causes our bodies to be less prepared for birth. Our daily patterns of movement (a lot of sitting and not a lot of movement) results in patterns in our body that are not conducive to easy birthing. Lastly, women often follow the basic advice of taking a birthing class, doing kegels and maintaining a stable exercise routine. While not bad advice and absolutely better than doing nothing, I propose something different…

 Preparing for birth physically, mentally and on a spiritual or energetic level. Let me explain…

-By preparing physically for birth I mean knowing your movement and alignment patterns that may disrupt the ease at which your baby is able to position optimally and then navigate the birth canal easily. This would include having a personalized movement plan to reduce patterns in your body that may make it harder for your baby to do what it innately knows how to do. 

-By preparing mentally for birth, I mean wrapping your head around what it is likely going to be like to birth and coming to a place of peace, surrender, or even neutrality regarding going into labor and birth. Yes! This is 100% possible even for your first birth. It takes the use of a personalized combination of tools such as journaling, visualization, breath and releasing of fears. 

-By spiritually or energetic level means arriving at a place where you feel held up by your own innate maternal capacities and trust in them to your core. In other words, finding a way to place complete faith in your body’s ability to birth. 

If you are desiring a holistic approach to birth preparation I suggest beginning with my min-course “Aligned with Birth”. In this 90-min self-paced course you will learn key methods for breath, movement and mindset… starting you off on a fabulous path toward the birth of your dreams without breaking the bank!! CLICK HERE to enroll now! 

If you prefer a more intensive and personalized approach and are interested in working with me privately, let’s connect over a free consult call. SCHEDULE HERE.

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