Returning to Intimacy in Postpartum

Returning to intimacy postpartum is different for everyone!! For some, both mom and dad are eager to get back to their usual ways. Unfortunately, it is quite common for the return to pre-baby intimacy to take longer than expected and can sometimes seem impossible. 

Here are a few ideas to make this feel less like something to dread and more like something to slowly and enjoyably return to… 

-Remove any expected time frame from the equation

-Have a pressure-free conversation about expectations, worries, desires. LISTEN to each other rather than responding

-Consider self-pleasure before partnered pleasure. This may be as simple as touching areas you’ve been worried about touching and going from there

-Your estrogen is SUPER low if you’re breastfeeding so dryness is likely a major factor. Lubricant is your friend. Here is a list of my preferences- CLICK HERE

-Sensual touch is a wonderful starting point… this is touching in a loving manner, non-arousing areas of the body and progressing as encouraged by the person being touched

-If returning to intimacy has been challenging for you, Pelvic Floor Therapy could help. Reach out to me for a consult call and we can discuss how pelvic floor therapy could support your sexual goals


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