The 5 Ways I am Unplugging this Summer


Summertime is here and I don’t know about you but I could really use a slow down in the pace of life! 

Over the last week I have been hurriedly trying to finish all the things I had planned for this school year before my girls are done with school and I am craving a slower pace of life for summer. 

Here are the 5 ways our family is planning to unplug more and slow down this summer:  

  1. A weekend getaway –We already have a trip over to Kauai planned as the kickoff for our summer this weekend and I can’t wait to unplug! I’m also secretly praying to be able to work in one more staycation before the school year kicks off again! There is nothing like escaping for the weekend to rest, relax and renew, especially when it’s with your favorite people in the world! Being pampered a bit and just letting loose without the obligations of home sound divine to me!
  2. Early morning sun – Every morning I am walking (or stumbling) outside on our lanai and gazing at the morning sky as soon as I can after waking. I pause and take a few deep breaths while sipping on a cup of water to jump start my day. I’ve already been doing this and it is literally revamping my whole circadian rhythm and helping me feel more alert and ready to go in the morning. Then by evening I’m falling asleep more easily! 
  3. Phoneless nature adventures – Going on hikes, trips to the beach or even a top down drive in our Jeep without our phones. How scandalous!! The content creator in me cringes and says you might miss out on an epic photo op but I know that the nature adventures we take without our phones in hand are 100% more fulfilling than the ones with our phones.  I was inspired when a client of mine recently told me about her amazing pause sitting at the beach just staring at the horizon. It made me totally want to transport myself right there next to her. So now I am committed to at least 1 phone free nature outing a week!
  4. Digging out the photobooks – I love a good movie night or even looking back at old videos with my kids. But this summer we are going to dig out all the photo books that are collecting dust in our house and reminisce, share stories and have a beautiful bonding experience together! Maybe we will even forgo the lights and go candlelight…
  5. After dinner strolls- Did you know one of the best things you can do after a big meal is go for a walk? A few nights a week, I plan to leave the dishes for after the sun has set and step outside for a bit on a sunset stroll with my family. Recently we gathered greenery and made a gorgeous bouquet on a sunset stroll. That experience made me wonder what new adventures and activities will unfold as we make a commitment to do this more often…

I’d love to hear what you have planned for the summer that will have you slowing down and unplugging more? Leave a comment below with your ideas so we can inspire each other!

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