The Magic of Flow

Chances are you have heard of “flow” or “the flow state”…

If not, you have probably experienced it. The flow state is when you are so engrossed in an activity or experience that you lose track of time and sometimes even space. Flow is commonly achieved when doing an activity that has the perfect balance of creativity, interest and just enough challenge.

I think of an artist who begins a painting and can’t put the paintbrush down for any reason until it is completed. They lose complete track of time so much so that they don’t eat, drink or even stop to use the bathroom (much to their pelvic floor therapists dismay…). 

Anyone who supports birthing people knows there is also a birth flow state. When the birthing person can find flow, it is a huge factor in a labor that progresses smoothly and it can restart a stalled labor. How do you get to “flow” in birth? 

I believe it is attainable for any birthing person with or without preparing before birth. However, it is easier to access if you establish a plan for how you will talk to yourself during labor. It is your self-talk, thoughts and beliefs about labor that can shift you into your labor flow or prevent you from ever accessing it. This is why I focus so much in my work with pregnant women on developing mindset strategies that help them prepare for achieving “flow” in birth. 

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