Why I don’t wear heels


My short answer is because they are the foot devils!! 

My controversial answer is because they are a construct of men objectifying women and only came to be in patriarchal societies. 

My anatomical answer is because they shorten your back body and can be a driver of pelvic floor dysfunction.

I feel passionate about all 3 of these answers but will focus on the latter here. 

When you stand in high heels what happens to your calf muscle?It shortens, which also apparently is considered more beautiful, but I digress. 

If you’re walking around with a shortened calf muscle most days, what might that do to your pelvis?It shifts where your center of gravity is, nudging it forward. This nudge forward promotes a tilting down of your pelvis (anterior tilt), creating a more accentuated low back curve, which fascinatingly also creates the illusion of a bigger butt (hmm, beauty paradigms appear yet again!). 

When you walk in high heels, your front body works harder and your back body begins to tighten and/or turn off.  All of this is creating an imbalance and imbalance promotes dysfunction. 


Moral of the story- high heels are the devil… they feel horrible and wreak havoc on your feet, pelvic and postural systems. 

As your friendly neighborhood pelvic floor therapist, I strongly suggest you reserve those high heels for only the utmost of important occasions, aka NOT WORK! 

Instead consider trying out a pair of minimalistic shoes such as Xero shoes! CLICK HERE.

I have no affiliation with Xero shoes, except sporting them almost daily and receiving thank you messages from my feet, pelvis and back in return on a regular basis. What’s your favorite brand of flats/minimalist shoes? I’d love to know! 


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