You Deserve It, You are a Goddess


For the mom who is doing her absolute best but feels like she took 5 steps backwards today… 

For the mom who just worked all day only to come home to a cranky toddler and a house in shambles and you’re so burnt out you barely get dinner on the table only to fall asleep with your toddler…

For the mom who is doing it all on her own and wonders if anyone even notices all that she does…

Motherhood doesn’t make us feel like a goddess very often and it’s really easy to get into the grind, find the rhythm, and feel like you’re doing good only to recognize that almost everything you’re doing is for others. 

When that moment strikes…it’s a nudge from the universe to put on your oxygen mask and “do for you”! 

My husband still needs to remind me of this but I am getting better and beginning to redesign my weeks/months to include time for moments of refresh, chill out and connection to my true self! I have found that gathering with other women and surfing really hit the spot for me…what would or does hit the spot for you? 

 Now make time for that. Put it on the calendar and make it part of your rhythm! 

And remember…

You are a goddess in your own right!

You deserve time to feel pampered, peaceful, and connected to yourself and 

your divine feminine…

Go out and do that thing that makes you feel divine…

 You might just find that you return as a better version of your motherly self.


In Health, 


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